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What We Do / Who we Are

*Omega Couriers is the Legal Document delivery service that delivers results- Fast!*

*Omega Couriers also offers notary services!* 

*Omega Couriers was founded by Christian Usera. It has been securely delivering legal documents since 2014. We serve all of Washtenaw County and various portions of Southeastern Michigan. Please contact us for a free quote.*

*Christian Usera is also a proud member of the Michigan Court Officer, Deputy Sheriff, and Process Server Association (MCODSA).*

Our Rates 

Process Services

Please Call or E-mail us for a free quote!

Notary Services

$100.00 Flat Rate plus Mileage

Types of Documents Served:

Divorce Documents

Guardianship / Conservator Documents

Debt Collection Documents





and More.

"Omega Couriers has delivered reliable results transferring court documents, when I give my paperwork over to OC, I know it's in good hands"- Guy Conti, Conti Legal
"My client(s) said the following about Omega Couriers: Omega Couriers was prompt in responding to me. He successfully served both parties in the court action, despite their attempts to avoid service. I recommend Omega  Couriers to anyone needing a process server."- Julie Sisson, Sisson Legal PLC






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